Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bed Time Snuggles

I now have a much better understanding of the phrase "My cup runneth over".

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Little Snow Angels

Katelyn's snow angel is obviously the one on the left. The one on the right is Stephens.
Had I known that he was participating and not just watching, I may have left the warm house and my cozy jammies and my yummy coffee to go get pictures.
Well maybe it is after all freezing outside ;-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh how I love this girl!

There are so many things I love about my almost 3 year old.

I love the unruly hair. It took her so long to get hair and now that she has it she doesn't want it in a ponytail or braids she wants it loose and crazy. Its a good reflection of her wild side.

I love her eyes. Oh how she speaks volumes with them. Happiness, sadness, craziness and love are all often seen there.

I love her imagination. We are often a family of pirates, doctors, royalty, adventurers, puppies, kittens etc

I love how shes a girly girl. From painted toe nails to her new fascination with chap stick to her love for playing dress up she is a girl through and through!

I love how she gets so excited and grateful about things. Even the little things like a glass of water excite a "thank you Mommy, thank you" and a hug from her.

And as pictured below I love how she asks to borrow my "Bobby" so she can feed ChaCha some mommy milk. Heck I even love that she named her baby doll ChaCha!

Is there anything not to love? I think not :-)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thats my sneaky, stubborn Sarah

I don't like thumb sucking. I understand that its a soothing reflex for babies and little kids and I am not against the use of pacifiers infact Katelyn at 2 and a half still has hers. But my therory is that at some point I can take the paci away but I obviously can't take her thumb away. So imagine my dismay when Sarah found her thumb and decided it worked just as well if not better then her paci. Thats when I found that my little Sarah is quite stubborn and very sneaky. At first she would just use her thumb when she didn't have her paci. We would take it out and put her paci in and move on no big deal. That is until she decided to start taking the paci out, throwing it and using her thumb instead. After a few frustrating battles that ended often times with both of us in tears she is now doing this...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

15 months really? Wow!

*Disclaimer: the following post is full of run on sentences and bad grammer. If I had the time and energy I would edit it some more but I don't. Consider yourself warned*

Wow has it been 15months? Really?!? I have no idea how to catch you up on all that has happened in the last year so I am gonna take the easy way out and not do it. I figure as I organize and scrapbook the pictures I will randomly post things that have happened and eventually catch up :-D

That being said I do want to tell you about little Miss Sarah Joy. My last post talked about how we were expecting another baby and on May 3rd at 12:05 Sarah Joy Burdett joined our family. Weighing in at 7lb 2oz and 20.5in long, she was the exact measurement of her big sister when she was born :) Her pregnancy was much easier on me the Katelyn's. For example I only lost 15lbs to morning sickness instead of 20lbs lol (I can joke about it now cause its over ;-). One thing that was much easier was labor it was a whole 4hours and 1 and a half pushes until we were holding her in our arms! Everything about her was absolutely "wonderfully and fearfully made". I did notice that she slept A LOT. Which of course she did she was a newborn but she also started sweating during nursing and falling asleep before she had finished. It wasn't until her two week appointment that we (I say we because I asked to listen too) heard the murmur. The nurse side of me rationalized that all infants are born with holes in their circulatory system and it takes a month before they are all closed (part of Gods awesome design). But the mom side of me started freaking out! I started going back and forth between God is in control to worst case scenario of my little two week old could need open heart surgery! From peace to panic in no time at all! We decided that the best course of action was to wait. Like I said her circulatory system would not make the complete switch from fetus to infant for another two weeks and she was gaining weight which was a very reassuring sign that she was not compromised. At her one month appointment the murmur was still loud and clear (and yes I listened to her heart every day during those two weeks) and even though she was still gaining weight we felt it best to go and have a consult with a pediatric cardiologist.

Our pediatrician is part of a large network called Cooks Children and so when a referral is done its kinda like a random draw on who you get unless you know to ask for someone by name. Never having a need for a pediatric cardiologist we went the "random" route and had an appointment the very next morning with Dr. Siu. At the appointment Sarah had an EKG done, which came out normal, and an Echocardiogram done which showed a 5mm hole in the septum that divides the ventricles (the lower chambers of her heart). This hole is allowing preoxygenated blood to flow back to her lungs instead of out to her body. In severe cases this causes the fluid to back up in the lungs and cause Congestive Heart Failure. "Luckily" Sarah's case was only moderate not sever and even better then that due to the placement of the hole being so high in the septum it was actually partially occluded by the valve when open so it was acting as a 3mm hole which is why she was presenting with only mild symptoms.

We couldn't have asked for a better Cardiologist then Dr. Siu. He is kind, patient, understanding, informative and really took his time with us making sure we knew what was going on, didn't have any questions and was comfortable with the treatment plan. He had made several comments during the appointment that made his faith evident but we were still a little surprised
when he asked to pray with us at the end of the appointment. Let me tell you there is no greater peace in a medical situation then to hear your doctor pray for God's wisdom. Dr. Sius prayer was not a generic "I pray this for all my patients" kind of prayer. It was genuine, heartfelt and it brought us to Jesus feet where we found peace. I had tried to pray several times a day during the two weeks that we were waiting but my mind would always start to wonder to all the things it could be, to all the treatments and possible surgeries that might be in our future. It wasn't until the three of us laid our hands on Sarah and prayed that I found the peace that comes with fully surrendering and trusting God. He is the one who created her and He is the one who can fully restore her health.

At the end of July we had a follow up appointment where we found the hole had gone down to 3mm. No surgeries, no medications. Praise the Lord! It was also at this appointment we discussed the possibility of traveling to California. We found out that Dr. Siu had spent 2 years at Loma Linda working with the head of Pediatric Cardiology. So it was with his blessing that we traveled to Riverside knowing that if we needed to we could call Dr. Siu and he would let Loma Linda know what was going on and to expect us.

Through out this whole situation we have struggled but more importantly we have seen God at work in all the circumstances. As as parents we want our children to be happy and healthy and we tend to think more of what we can do for them and help them then what God can do. We are so grateful that He is the ultimate healer and He can watch over our children and loves our children more then we ever could!

All right I think you are caught up with whats going on with Sarah. We have another appointment in May. If we still hear the murmur we will follow up in 6months. If we don't hear the murmur they will do another echo so they can say for certain that it is closed. We know God is in control no matter what we find at that appointment :)

Meeting big sister Katelyn for the first time.

One month old

Two months old

Three months old and starting to rock the chubby cheeks

Four months old

Five months old and a rolling machine!

Six months old and discovering the joys of food!

Seven months old and sporting the comb-over!

Eight months old and as happy as can be!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Katelyns Favorite New Book

You may ask yourself what book could possibly enthrall Katelyn so much that we read it over and over and over again...

Little Princess

In September we all flew to New Jersey for Stephens cousins wedding. I found the most adorable dress for Katelyn, she looked like a little princess. Unfortunately she didn't want her picture taken :( We got a few shots in but not the perfectly sweet smiling one that I wanted....

This was the best face shot that I got :( She was eating fruit so she was a little reasonable at this point...

I tried to get a few silhouette shots because hey she didn't have to be smiling for those right...
well every time I got a good angle she would see me out of the corner of her eye turn to the camera scrunch up her face and say "no", sigh oh the joys of toddlerhood.

The little diva waiting for her flight in the airport :)